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Boards & Commissions

The City of Jacksonville has many boards and commissions that a citizen may be able to serve on.  Mayor Andy Ezard appoints over 100 people to serve on about 25 City Boards and Commissions.  The Mayor welcomes interested persons in the community to become involved in our local government.  To volunteer one's time and direct one's energy into city affairs contributes significantly to the community's growth and sound future.  It is a privilege to serve a community you and your family enjoy living in and being a part of.  Please consider serving and helping our city be a better community.

To serve on a Board, please apply by submitting a letter along with a resume - to the Mayor's Office via email at or  or mail to: 

City  of Jacksonville
Attn: Mayor's Office
200 West Douglas
Jacksonville, IL  62650.

You may reference the Boards, Commissions & Committees established by the City of Jacksonville by clicking on the specific Board listed on the left menu. Below is a list of Municipal Meetings.

Municipal Meetings (Location/Meeting Day/Time)