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downloadSetting up new accountsCall the Business Administration Office at (217)479-4615, Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm, at least one business day prior to the day you wish to start water and sewer services, to setup a new utilities account.

Closing Existing AccountsTo close your utilities account and request a final bill, call (217)479-4615 at least one business day prior to the day you wish to discontinue service.  Have your forwarding address available when you call.

Application for Service & Deposit InformationApplications for water & sewer service need to be completed at the Municipal Utilities Business Office.  The office is located at 200 W. Douglas.  The office hours are Monday - Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm.

You will be required to complete a service application and provide two forms of identification, at least one of which must bear a photograph of the holder (e.g., driver's license, state ID card, FOID card).  Examples of secondary forms of identification that may be used are social security cards and credit cards.  In addition if you are renting the property, we will need the property owner to verify that if is o.k. to put the account in your name.

All previous unpaid balances must be paid before water/sewer services will be granted.  The City will not open an account in any name if we have reason to believe that a person, who has an uncollected account balance, will be living at the address.

Applications for service will be denied if the applicant has an outstanding balance due to the City of Jacksonville for any judgment, fine, penalty, traffic or parking ticket, or any other cause, charges or reimbursement due the City of Jacksonville.

Applications for service may be denied if the premises to be served have been designated by the Building Inspector as having one or more of the following Public Nuisances:

The physical condition, or uses of any premises regarded as a public nuisance at common law; or

  1. Any physical condition, use or occupancy of any premises or its appurtenances considered an attractive nuisance to children, including, but not limited to, abandoned wells, shafts, basements, excavations and unsafe fences or structures; or
  2. Any premises which has unsanitary sewerage or plumbing facilities and/or water leaks; or
  3. Any premises designated as unsafe for human habitation or use, including, but not limited to, rodent or insect infestation; or
  4. Any premises which is manifestly capable of being a fire hazard, or manifestly unsafe or insecure as to endanger life, limb or property, including property damages by fire to the extent as not to provide shelter, in danger of collapse or failure and dangerous to anyone on or near the premises; or
  5. Any premises which is unsanitary, or which is littered with rubbish or garbage, or which has an uncontrolled growth of weeds: or
  6. Any structure or building that is in a state of dilapidation, deterioration or decay, faulty construction; open or vacant and the doors, windows, or other openings are boarded up or secured, by any means other than conventional methods used in the design of the building or permitted for new construction of similar type.
An inspection of the property will be required, and the nuisance or nuisances abated, prior to processing the application for service.

IF THE WATER IS OFF, the application and deposit must be completed before we can turn the water on.  After the application and deposit are complete, we can schedule a timed appointment to turn the water on.

Deposit InformationA $100.00 deposit will be required for all new accounts.  The deposit will not be required for new accounts opened by current utility customers who have received service for at least one year, and have a good payment history (no more than three late payments per year).

The deposit will not be considered as an advance payment for any service.  Charges on unpaid accounts will be considered delinquent notwithstanding the existence of the deposit, and the customer will not have the right to compel the City to apply the deposit to any account to avoid delinquency.

Deposits are mandatory on all new accounts and are held as long as the account is active.  When an account is closed, the deposit will be transferred to the customer's new address (if it is located in Jacksonville), or applied toward any bill owed and a refund check will be given to the customer for the remaining deposit amount.  For transferred deposits, the final bill from the previous address, needs to be paid (by the due date of the bill) or water services will be terminated at the new address.

Existing customers will be required to pay a deposit if their account is disconnected for non-payment.

No interest will be paid on the deposit.


TO PAY BY PHONE: (217)408-0008

Administration:Business Office: Located at:  200 W. Douglas 
Jacksonville, IL 62650
(Office Hours 8:00 am- 4:30 pm)

Mailing Address:  200 W. Douglas
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Phone: (217)479-4615    Text: (217)370-4122  
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For Weekend/Evening Emergencies: (217)479-4660
Missy Young, Superintendent of Administration