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Text 9-1-1

Picture19-1-1 CALL if you can TEXT if you can't34 million people are deaf or have speech impairment across the United States. West Central Joint Dispatch felt that access to 9-1-1 could be enhanced by providing access to 9-1-1 via text messages. As of November 2015, within Morgan County you can text 9-1-1 in the case of an emergency. Placing a voice call is the preferred method to communicate with the public safety dispatch center. In the case that you cannot speak, or it is not safe to do so, then you can text the dispatch center.

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Does text 9-1-1 operate using Wi-Fi?
You must be connected to a cellular network to text 9-1-1.
Can the dispatch center get my location when texting 9-1-1?
There is no location provided when a text is received. You must tell the dispatch center your location.
Does the text only work in Morgan County?
Text will only work when phones are connected to sites within Morgan County. You may be in Morgan County and pick up a site outside of Morgan County and you may get a bounce back message.
If the phone does not have service can you still text 9-1-1?
A phone must have an active service plan with data in order to access the 9-1-1 text system.
Will my text always go through?
Text messages are "best effort" delivery. If the text message does not go through the user will most likely get a bounce back message asking them to place a voice call.
Can you send pictures or videos?
No, only standard text messages are supported at this time.
What number do I text?
Text "911" without any dashes. Some smart phones do not work correctly with a three digit number, add "911" as a contact in this case.