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New Liquor License Applications

A liquor license is required for any person or business to sell or offer for sale at retail in the city any alcoholic liquor; thus selling without first obtaining a license is a violation of the Jacksonville Municipal Code's Liquor Ordinance.   It is recommended that persons or establishments making application for a liquor license review the city's Liquor Ordinance before obtaining a liquor license.

Liquor license applications, completed in full, are to be submitted to the Mayor's Office, 200 West Douglas, Jacksonville, IL  62650 along with the following required documents:
1.   Application for Liquor License (5 pages)
2.   A copy of lease agreement or proof of ownership
3.   Certificate of Liquor Liability Insurance
4.   State of Illinois Business Registration
5.   BASSET Certificates for all employees that serve or sell alcohol
6.   License fee (check payable to City of Jacksonville)
7.   Current Certificate of Good Standing (Secretary of State)
8.   Sketch of property where licensed premises is located, drawn to scale,
      clearly indicating the area of the licensed premises (also include patio
      space, if applicable)
9.   List of employees:  Names and Birthdates
10. If establishment is conducting business by a manager or agent that
      person must reside in the City of Jacksonville and that person must
      complete a Qualification of Officer, Stockholder, and Manager/Agent form
      a)  list of names and addresses of principal officers  
      b)  list of names and addresses of each stockholder owning more than
           five percent (5%)
      c)  a completed Qualification of Officer, Stockholder, and Manager/Agent
           form for each principal officer and for each stockholder owning more
           than five percent (5%)
       a)  list of names and addresses of principal officers
       b)  a completed Qualification of Officer for each officer 

After receiving a local liquor license, a State of Illinois Alcohol Retailer's License must be obtained by contacting the State of Illinois Liquor Control Commission.

Please contact the Mayor's Office at 217-479-4610 if you require any assistance in compliance of the City of Jacksonville Liquor Control regulations.