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Letter Requests

Mayor Ezard is pleased to offer letters for conferences, seminars, professional celebrations, significant birthdays and/or anniversaries, and congratulatory letters to commemorate special events.  A letter of reference or a letter of support are also offered. 

Requestors are typically asked to provide a draft with the exact language for the letters, as well as to indicate the method for delivery of the letter, whether by mail or in-person pick up at the Mayor's Office.  The Mayor's Office reserves the right to review the draft language and to modify as needed.  The Mayor's Office also reserves the right to deny any request.

In order to prepare the letter in a timely fashion, we ask the requestor to submit their request two weeks in advance and to provide the following information:

  • The name of the organization or person being recognized 
  • The title or nature of the event
  • The specific date of the event
  • Draft with the exact language
  • The date the letter is needed
  • The name, address, cell phone and email of the requestor
  • Preference of delivery of the letter either by mail or pick up 
Submit a draft with the exact wording of your letter, along with the information outlined above to:

Sarah Bergschneider
Office of the Mayor
200 West Douglas
Jacksonville, IL  62650

Or by email to Sarah Bergschneider or Mayor Ezard