Applications & Forms

You can email your applications or forms to  or you can drop them off at the water department drive thru. 
  Our office accepts credit card payments over the phone. 
Permits Expire 180 Days after they have been issued.

Guidelines for Event Signs
1.  Event signs must be placed on private property.
2.  Event signs must NOT be on Public Right of Way or City or State property.
3.  City sponsored event signs placed on the square are only allowed for functions
     or events in the downtown/square area.  A total of two temporary banners
     maximum will be allowed.  Signage shall not be placed in flower/landscape beds.
4.  You must have permission from property owner before placing event signs.
5.  Only ONE event sign per lot.
6.  Events signs must be picked up directly after the event.

Illegally placed signs will be removed by the City of Jacksonville.

Any questions regarding sign requirements and placing of should be directed to the Office of Community Development, 200 West Douglas, Jacksonville, IL. or by calling  217.479.4620.