BASSET Certification

Effective July 1, 2017, for Morgan County, the State of Illinois Liquor Control Commission, through Public Act 99-0046, mandated BASSET certification for all alcohol servers (and those checking ID's for alcohol service) in Morgan County, Illinois on-premise establishments to successfully complete a Beverage Alcohol  Sellers/Servers Education & Training (BASSET) class every three years.

Through this act, the City of Jacksonville adopted, by ordinance, BASSET training required for all liquor license holders in the City of Jacksonville.  Please click on City of Jacksonville Liquor Ordinance - BASSET training requirements are listed on pages 15 and 16 of the city's liquor ordinance.

Any questions regarding BASSET certification for City of Jacksonville new liquor licenses or renewal licenses, please contact Karla Stice at or 217.479.4610.  The State of Illinois Liquor Control Commission website has information for BASSET classroom instruction and/or online class training.